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(Words/Music: James Gregory Murray © 2020 Catalyst Production & Serdica Records/Shoutback Records)
Video of our New Single:
Bought a Ring (© Catalyst Production & Serdica/Shoutback Records/Qualita Music Publishing)
New Single Artwork:
Bought a Ring (© Catalyst Production & Serdica/Shoutback Records/Qualita Music Publishing)

“A great afternoon at Lichfield Festival and was blown away by Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders.  Instant catchy tunes from a charismatic Irish vocalist.  It’s hard to pigeon hole this hybrid country folk but their energy is infectious.”

“Absolute joy watching these guys at Lymelight Festival yesterday! Must see them again.“

“Real music played by real people drawn straight from the heart!”

“What a fantastic band and charismatic lead singer! Saw this act at Staffs Fest, brilliant original songs and awesome line up.  They will get you up on your feet dancing!  Just incredible positive original music.”

“Top set at Lichfield Fuse Festival 2018. Instant catchy tunes and a front man in Greg  that draws you into their music with his wit and charismatic Irish charm and classy vocals to boot. Hope to see you live again soon. Where can I get your music? — feeling entertained.”

“James Gregory Murray you and the band got loads of people up dancing and left an amazingly positive vibe as per usual! Amazing! Xx”

“What can I say, brilliant set from Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders, although there were definitely more than 7 tonight (more like 14 Wonders!), cracker, loved every minute of it as did the rest of the audience 😁 James Gregory Murray top night matey, hope you have cooled off now.”

“Thank you Greg…You and the band are absolutely brilliant.  Wasn’t feeling ,myself but after your first chord I was hooked with your positivity and life affirming uplifting music – such spirit.  I wish someone could bottle it.”

“It was a pleasure having you with us Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders!  Incredible set and fantastic getting the youngsters and crowd up on stage with you!”

“Just seen this band for the first time…Amazing, I loved them and can’t wait to see them again.  Such a positive upbeat message of optimism. X”

“GM7W may have nearly caused a heart attack for the festival organisers, thanks to their ever-growing line-up of musicians, and their truly magical and “wonder”-ful feast to the eyes – I pitied the band coming on after them!!”

“Just watched Greg Murray & the sensational Seven – woah what a band, trumpet, trombone, sax, keyboards, bass n lead guitars, drums n vocals, the place was rocking, audience participation was compulsory, felt sorry for the next band on as they’re a hard act to follow.”

“I watched this band last year at the Acoustic Festival of Great Britain and was so pleased to hear that they were appearing again this year.  I’ve just watched them play their set tonight and it was even better than last year!”

“Brilliant band, great songs and they get the very best out of the audience – everyone up dancing and singing!  Well worth checking them out if you love great music or, if you are a music promoter, getting them to play a venue or festival!”

“Greg is an amazing singer and the whole band are crazy talented with a great energy.  Lovely upbeat tunes and loads of fun 🙂 thanks for a great night in the Salford Arms.”

“If you need cheering up, this should do it!”